Thursday, September 6, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I love the cliche` sound to the title and it's a good way to wrap up a rather quick and short blog. For some, break starts in May. For others it's June. The last day of school for me was in May. I was registered for the summer and for the first two weeks of the summer semester I held my breath. I held it for money which was the most silliest idea. Money for school and housing. My financial aid advisor and I got to know eachother. I used to sit by the phone in the morning waiting for his call.
For nearly 3 months we waited for an official letter from a bank saying my past student loans aren't in default anymore. During those three months...
I drove a taxi cab for three nights. 5p.m. to 5a.m in Fitchburg in the dark. I made some runs to Leominster and got lost. Customers complained about my inexperianced driving skills. The roads are clear at night but people are also in high spirits....the song "People are Strange" by the Doors come in mind.
After three days I figured safety is more important than money. Even though I was offered driving lessons, I declined and re-united with my bicylce.
After a month and some change I woke myself up at 4a.m to make my way to the unemployment office for 5.--I'm skipping a whole section of my summer vacation...oh yes...the minor.
I'll leave it to my younger sister to write the book that will make her rich. Here is a sample of her book. She told me she will begin with the words "once upon a time there was baby that nobody loved...." wow.
There was the factory I worked at each morning and then after work I went to my Marine friend's house and played chess. Work, chess, blockbuster, home...sort of. I didn't watch the blockbuster movies at home...just the special feature on my PS2 and that was only 1 movie...Silent Hill which I've seen a million and 1 times....
There was the eyebrow piercings and blonde streaks gearing up for the American Idol auditions in Philadelphia. It was my 4th time auditioning, 2nd time not passing the first round. I have theories.... I met some cool people and some uh..what's that song by The Doors again- "people are strange"....
Now, break's over and it's school days once again. I commute from Fitchburg to Boston and ride a jacked up bike with no back breaks from North Station to Brookline. I have no bike lock so I park it in the underground garage which I'm fortunate it's not a car so I don't have to pay for parking.
What I did on my summer vacation was nothing more than work and entertain myself in the oddest of ways...some not so odd. Now it's time to get my learn on and do great things...I wish I had something deep and positive to end this thing with but I can't think of any right now and this particular entry was semi-pointless to begin with anyway. So I close this blog with a quote from a girl named Angela..."It's nice to stay in that semi-informed fantasy land where [he] is just real enough to have a personality and just unreal enough to be perfect."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

article from

'Idol' audition's reality: long lines, slim chances
'American Idol' hopefuls chase stardom at audition 'Idol' hopefuls give voice to their dreams at audition

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Of The Patriot-News

PHILADELPHIA - Even in the pitch dark of 4:45 a.m. Monday, it was easy to see signs of madness in south Philadelphia.

A backup had developed on the Interstate 76 off-ramp to get to the Wachovia Center for the last round of tryouts for season seven of "American Idol."

Instead of waiting, hordes of young women, eager to become the next Kelly Clarkson, abandoned the drivers of their vehicles and walked, some in platform shoes, along the narrow space between the guardrail and cars.

The madness continued on the road, as cars aggressively closed in on the arena, bearing license plates from places such as Michigan and Manitoba.

All for a needle-slim hope of being chosen for the Fox reality show to be aired in January.

The wannabes were coming for 30-second auditions in front of producers and musicians affiliated with the show. Only 100 to 200 of Monday's participants will eventually make it in front of the big three: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul.

Some slept on the concrete, some howled for the cameras, and others tried hard to keep up the energy with mediocre renditions of "Lean on Me" or "Chain of Fools." It was clear why cantankerous tell-it-like-it-is judge Cowell has so much ammunition.

Contestants who were allowed to start lining up at 5 a.m. eagerly tried to get the attention of the media. Television crews from the local Fox affiliate and national news channels aimed their cameras on the rowdy but well-mannered crowd. A handful of performers shined during impromptu a cappella takes for TV and radio stations.

Jesselle Rodriguez, 19, of Reading, was one of the hopefuls near the front of the line, which spilled over into a penned-in area in the parking lot where many waited in fenced-in sections just like cattle. Fox officials estimated more than 17,000 singers and supporters turned up for the audition.

Rodriguez had been camping out since midnight. "I finally got the guts to do this, so I figured I would make sure that I was going to have the chance to perform," she said.

Miranda Tozier-Robbins, 24, of Fitchburg, Mass., hoped that the third time was a charm. She already tried out in Foxborough, Mass., and Orlando, Fla.

"Last time, Simon said that I sounded too childish and Paula said she felt like she was in a schoolyard," said Tozier-Robbins, who writes about her "Idol" aspirations in a blog at "So this time, I am going to bring a more mature sound." read more visit

Saturday, August 18, 2007

One ticket to Philadelphia

Hear of a story about a writer who played Texas Hold'em to get through college, wrote about it, gave it Hollywood who then tweaked the idea to make it "original" and titled it Rounders?
Now meet the young girl who played Texas Hold'em at a private bar and underground basement to win money for bus tickets to an American Idol audition.
Although I missed the 7 day advance to get to Philadelphia, (bus station in Leominster was out of tickets and I have no car to get to Worcester) I still have a couple days to get the cheap ticket coming back home...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bus Ticket Dilema

Right, well since last week I was "saving" for my bus ticket to Philly. I wanted to write an entry when I actually had my ticket in my hands.
Yesterday, I had half the money. Today I would have had the other half. Today my friend and I were fired from the unemployment office. No more factory work....but no other half of bus ticket money either. Wow! My bad luck couldn't wait one more day.
So, I decided to take the half I had and invest it in poker hoping to have the money by when someone with 66 calls your pocket kickers and hits a straight on the river. Anyways, after hours of gameplay, I'm broke (what else is new?) and back at ground zero.
I have till tomorrow for a blitzkrieg bus ticket donation campaign for the 7 day advance tickets.....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ayla Brown en route to Dirty Burg

American Idol season 5 contestant and Boston College basketball star Ayla Brown decides to tour her way through Fitchburg, MA also known as SpicBurg, Snitchburg, and Da Dirty Burg..............
Here is some irony. Guess what I got in the mail's sitting in front of me unopened. On July 29th, I ordered a CD. Nearly a week later I sent off the money. Haven't been online in weeks....I have to pause writing this blog because an immature 17 year old wants to play phone games at 11 o'clock at night.....
Yesterday...late night..I learn my CD is shipped and to accompany my CD, Ayla Brown will sing at the stadium I used to march on in high school. The stadium I ride my bike by everyday to work.....and from work....and from my house to downtown Fitchburg...and coming back home from downtown...The same stadium when I was 18 I threw up a river next to. And who's going to be there to see Ayla Brown? A bunch of 10 year olds and Me.....
After a dramatically long night with 45 minutes sleep and a long work day at a factory- a different one today; corrugator was down at the usual one (though I learned later today it was fixed on Saturday), I cash my check at a gas station and scan the news stands for the local free kiddy paper. No luck. On the other side of the doors on the ground was the Newport catalogs...followed by this infamous Fitchburg Pride which I grabbed one and dashed.....after a long evening I arrive home to a package on the's still unopened. I know what the cover already looks like. I know 4 tracks.....what to do, what to do. Anticipation is killing me...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

America Wants a Story

A few weeks ago I saw that movie "American Dreamz" with Mandy Moore. Anyways, the producers in the movie gave a long speech about America wanting drama. That's how it's always been. Americans are into drama.
I hate soap operas. I think they're stupid. It's the acting's dramatic because people really act and feel like that.
I have a story. A sick story, but a story all the same and it's entertaining.
Let's see, I have the love story to tell. Love story turned controversial drama turned entertaining sitcom.
I have the life in the dirty Burg story.
There's work.....not very entertaining.
My poker life.....very entertaining. As a matter of fact I was invited to a private outing yesterday. There's an all male members only club and the only way in is by being someone's guest...well, someone wanted me as their guest and I played cards with our more experianced Americans all day yesterday. Good times.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Month

One month from today I'm going to the American Idol auditions in Philly. Four weeks.
I got into a bicycle accident a few days ago. I borrowed one of my younger sister's bikes. Her girlfriend was working on the bolts and screws on it. I had no idea. I took it and went down one of the many hills in the second hilliest city in the nation. I jumped off the curb and the front wheel flew away sending me to the concrete. I've called out of work the past three days. No way I can work in a factory with my leg oozing and open gashes on my arm. It sucks but that's what I love (sort of) about riding my bike.
I'll be okay though in four weeks. I'm sure there will be a trace of scars...
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